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MODEL(S) IT SUITS: All ULTRAMOUNT Projector Ceiling Mount models.


DESCRIPTION: This Extension Coupler is designed exclusively for any of the Ultramount Projector Mounts.


Fitted between the Ceiling Housing and the Projector Plate, it extends the dropdown length of the mount by an extra 100mm. This results in a overall length of the complete assembly of approximately 200mm.


PRICE: $20.00 (Freight-free Australia wide)


COLOUR OPTIONS:  .All-steel, nickel plated.


PLEASE NOTE:  It is recommended only for projectors weighing less than 10kg.  For heavier models, select from the range of PXP Extension Poles.


Designed & Made in Australia


Ultramount Projector Mount Extension Coupler 100mm

SKU: UEC-100
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