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Introducing the smart ceiling mount for the new BenQ EH600-EW800 series Wireless Android-based Smart Projectors for Business & Conferencing.


Made in Australia and purpose-designed for the standard-throw (EH600), & short-throw (EW800) models in this exciting world’s first Android-based range, the ULTRA/259W is your ideal solution for ceiling (or wall) mounting.


The ULTRA/259W suits BenQ EH600, EW600, EX600, EW800ST & EX800ST models.


Low profile styling with an overall depth of 10cm, combined with a swivel ball-joint allowing infinite angle adjustment through a 20° arc ensures utmost flexibility with your installation. Extension poles - from 100mm to 2.0metres - are available for higher ceilings. Contact us for further details.


For attachment to walls, our Wall Mount Arm, WMA50 is available. In combination with the ULTRA/259W, this is ideally suited to smaller rooms, particularly with the short-throw E800 models.


Your Ultramount has all screws factory pre-fitted ready to fix directly to your projector. No special tools are required. Quick and simple installation is assured.


Mounting to the ceiling is with a one-touch “slide & Lock” action, easily removable for any cleaning/maintenance. You can then replace it without  any further adjustments....Ready to go again immediately!


Click here to see our simple 'step by step' guide




Experience the difference with a totally dedicated design optimised for this projector series. It provides ultimate rigidity & perfect balance minimising any unwanted movement or vibration, something that so-called “universal” mounts can rarely match.  Remember it always pays to buy a product designed for the specific application!


PRICE:  $160.00 (Freight-free shipping Australia wide)


COLOUR OPTIONS: All White only.


Ultramount,  Proudly 100% Australian Designed, Made and Owned.

BenQ Projector Mount to suit BenQ EH600 EW800 Wireless Android-based Smart P


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